Bust Plus Bra
Bust Plus Bra
Bust Plus Bra
Bust Plus Bra

Bust Plus Bra

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Need an INSTANT breast lift? No need for surgery - all you need is one of these!

Go up 2 cup sizes!

Silicone and invisible. Backless and strapless.

Bust PLUS is Reusable!


Strut your stuff and increase your cleavage with our Bust PLUS Silicon Bra. Ever wonder how celebrities have that perfect cleavage? They use Curve Control's breast lifting bra. Use that extra boost!



1- Remove plastic lining.
2- Loosen the clip-on ties partially.
2- Place bra on your breasts.
3- Pull the ends of the string ties, while pulling up the clip.
4- Tighten to the desired cleavage.
5- Enjoy the lift!

Wear with ALL styles: strapless, backless, low cut, plunging & halter.

Care Instructions:
Wash with warm water (not hot!) & a mild cleanser to wash off your body's oils & revive the stickiness.

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